So people keep on telling us, that Flash does not run iPhones and iPads. Hah! Here you are! Our Farm demo ( is now running super fast on the iPhone.

Farm Demo on iPhone4 from Yogurt3D on Vimeo.

The results are stunning. On the iPhone 4S screen there are 852 static objects and 40 animated farm animals. Our Stage3D based engine Yogurt3D was used to develop this demo which is Adobe Air Version 3.2. This Farm demo runs at 45 frames per second on the iPhone 4S and this is just the beginning. We will do further optimization and will get even better results in a few weeks' time.

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We are attending the SIGGRAPH Asia exhibition and conference in Hong Kong, between 13-15 December 2011. You are welcome to visit us at our booth there (Booth A24). We are thrilled to exhibit in Hong Kong for the first time.

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New Version with Stage3D

Yogurt3D v2.1

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About Yogurt3D

Yogurt3D Game Engine is a state of the art Actionscript 3.0 library for developing 3D applications on Adobe Flash Platform. We claim it is possible to create in-browser 3D games without any plug-in installation. Its animation system, model formats, exporter plug-ins for modelling tools, scene hierarchy and scene management structure, and that it is developed with a game developer perspective, makes Yogurt3D a powerful tool for 3D game developers.

If you wish to target both casual and seasoned players with browser-based real-time 3D games on the web, Yogurt 3D Game Engine is the ultimate tool to choose.

About Yogurt Technologies

Yoğurt Technologies was founded in 1997 by a group of artists and computer engineers.

For 10 years the group worked as a new media agency producing technology for other companies.

In 2007, the decision to focus on its own products was taken as Yoğurt members foresaw that 3D would be the next big thing on the web. Thus, the company now produces 3D tools that will be available to anyone who wants to try a hand on 3D content.