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END_OF_ANIMATION — Constant Static Property, class com.yogurt3d.core.events.AnimationEvent
END_OF_LOOP — Constant Static Property, class com.yogurt3d.core.events.AnimationEvent
endVertex — Property, class com.yogurt3d.core.helpers.splines.QuadraticSpline
EngineDefaults — class, package com.yogurt3d.core.enums
EngineObject — class, package com.yogurt3d.core.objects
IEngineObject interface abstract type.
EngineObject(_initInternals:Boolean) — Constructor, class com.yogurt3d.core.objects.EngineObject
enginePostUpdateCallback — Static Property, class com.yogurt3d.Yogurt3D
enginePreUpdateCallback — Static Property, class com.yogurt3d.Yogurt3D
extent — Property, class com.yogurt3d.core.helpers.boundingvolumes.AxisAlignedBoundingBox
extent — Property, interface com.yogurt3d.core.helpers.boundingvolumes.interfaces.IAxisAlignedBoundingBox
extractPlanes() — method, class com.yogurt3d.core.cameras.Camera
Based on paper: Fast Extraction of Viewing Frustum Planes from the World-View-Projection Matrix Gill Gribb / Klaus Hartmann
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